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Steve OBrien Media Messaging Barcelona pr and communications agency teamSteve O’Brien’s long career in corporate and consumer-facing media relations was gained from FTSE 100 companies and global businesses.

When the IRA launched mortar attacks at Heathrow (not once, but three times over a two-week period), Steve was in charge of managing the media. He was in charge again when the Heathrow Express tunnel collapsed in the UK’s largest ever civil engineering disaster.

He was there when the UK’s biggest furniture retailer had its reputation challenged by a “toxic sofa” scandal that was injuring customers and potentially threatening the company’s existence.

He has spent years talking to journalists, crafting stories and understanding their needs, and he knows they don’t always want the same outcome as you. He can help you to see things from the vantage point of the organisation you are representing and help you to put a twist in the tale. Steve is also a director of Street Child Spain,  a charity helping dedicated to getting children off the streets of Sierra Leone and beyond by giving them education and life skills for a positive future. Visit Steve’s LinkedIn profile.


Jason Deign Media Messaging Barcelona pr and communications agency teamJason Deign is a career journalist and copywriter. He brings more than 20 years of experience working on trade and international business media.

He was the first to document the rise of identity theft in the UK and has reported on everything from the Internet of Things to jellyfish threatening nuclear plants.

As a former PR consultant and present day jobbing journalist, he has worked and written about (and for) some of the biggest brands in the world.

As a media trainer, he has worked with global businesses and startups alike, advising on the best way to craft a credible story.

He is director of Jason Deign Associates, an editorial and marketing services agency and publishes Energy Storage Report, a niche renewable energy publication. Visit Jason’s LinkedIn profile.

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