Media training with a difference

Most expensive media training programmes are provided by former journalists alongside their “real job”. These trainers might never have managed a corporate reputation and often see the headlines first. They are likely to roll out a standard presentation, tell you what to wear in front of the camera and put you through a few broadcast scenarios. They send you a compilation DVD and wave goodbye.

With us, you get to see the story from both sides. You get the practical skills you need to engage the media with confidence and clarity. You learn to get goodwill in the bank. And you get to build a message that’s right for you. Because what you want to say and what a journalist wants you to say may not always be the same thing.

We  always see things from a corporate perspective first and then give you a journalist’s view so you get both sides of the story – in the right order. We help you to understand that getting the best out of the media is not a “one night stand”, it is a relationship and it involves hard work, honesty and commitment.

We also give you a realistic view of who your audiences are and how to approach them.  While it’s nice to think that you’ll be telling your story on the evening news, it’s more likely to be the trade press and social media that you need to worry about. So that’s what we’ll train you to deal with.  But we can do the TV stuff too, with real broadcast journalists, cameras and action.

With more than 40 years experience in the business between us (on both sides of the fence) we offer you a professional, honest and authoritative approach to pan-European media training built around your own specific needs – whether it’s print, radio or broadcast.

We won’t just tell you how to handle an interview, but how to build long-term rapport with international business and specialist media.

And we stay with you for support, and strategic and tactical advice – even when the training is done.

We can help you with media training, build your own course around your specific needs or choose one from the list below:

  • Building strong messages – practical workshop
  • Managing communications in a crisis
  • Turning your marketers into PR professionals
  • PR basics – an introduction
  • Copywriting for marketing

We’ll build you a course that really works for you.

Talk to us about how we can help you