Crisis communications – don’t panic

crisis communications agency

Right now, there is a disaster waiting to happen. A product recall, an industrial accident, a critical supply chain failure… whatever shape or form it takes, it has the potential to sink your business forever. And you don’t have long to act.

Experience shows your response within the first golden hour of a crisis will dictate the future of your company. You can’t afford to get it wrong. But how do you get it right? Preparation is everything and at Media Messaging, we can give you the best counsel money can buy, including:

  • Spokesperson briefing and support for high risk engagements
  • Crisis plan development and implementation
  • Crisis communications guidance and review
  • Crisis auditing to uncover potential threats
  • Live crisis communications testing
  • Crisis media training

Our crisis practice is led by Steve O’Brien, whose frontline experience includes responding to the press during the Heathrow mortar attacks and the Argos toxic sofa incident, which resulted in the UK’s largest ever group litigation. He was also in charge when the Heathrow Express tunnel collapsed – at the time, the biggest civil engineering disaster in the UK’s history.

As well as devising and delivering crisis communications strategies that have safeguarded millions in shareholder value, Steve regularly advises senior executives on high-risk media engagements such as participation in consumer affairs programmes.

And while we take care of the communications side of the crisis, the show must go on.

That’s why we’re delighted to partner with Continuity Solutions, the preferred choice in business continuity management consultancy, offering support and advice to protect all your critical business functions in the midst of any crisis, large or small.

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